People in the center of things
It’s people who make the difference. We at Technokolla are well aware of this. That’s why, right from the very time we started up business, we have believed in the added value that only people, with their individual talents and know-how, are able to offer. And the facts have proved us right.

A comprehensive range of products that are all compatible with each other and complementary forms the Technokolla world. They have been explicitly formulated for fixing ceramic tiles, mosaic, marble, natural stone, wooden flooring and lots more besides: from substrates to waterproofing substances, bonding agents and adhesives to sealants and grouting, bio-ecological materials to those for refurbishing, as well as tools and accessories.
Along with stringent quality controls, Technokolla’s long experience, acquired during a decade of applications in all parts of the world, now allows designers and interior decorators to give full vent to all their creative flair, sure of the results of their work and certain of being able to trust in safe and tested products.

Facing the future
All our company’s efforts have always been directed towards on-going research into pioneering solutions able to improve the performance and quality of our products. This corporate philosophy has allowed Technokolla to achieve excellent technological levels, able to satisfy the productive developments required by the market and actually ahead of them in some cases.

Technokolla is a member of the Italian Waterproofing Association which was established to regulate the work of planning engineers and tile fixers on european scale. The aim is pursued through the effective coordination of the manufacturers.

Technokolla subscribes to the most important control and research authority in the sector, the aim being to define the standard criteria able to provide the utmost when it comes to safety, long life and waterproofing properties.

Venice, the trulli dwellings of Alberobello, the mosaics of Ravenna, the ruins of Pompei, the temples of Agrigento... Italy is like a museum of works of art that Unesco has defined world heritage of mankind. Front-rank defender of these treasures, Technokolla cooperates with the Unesco association of Italian World Heritage sites with products that guarantee efficacious and long-lasting restoration work.

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